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On Monday November 1, 2010 the WLA hosted a very successful breakfast where 2Ls and 3Ls came to help 1Ls with course selection for next semester. The turn out was great, and it seemed everyone felt comfortable asking for advice as well as giving it. It was a really great bonding event as well, as the 2Ls and 3Ls came for the sole purpose of helping out the 1Ls, and it felt nice to know that us 1Ls have such a supportive network on campus.

Personally I came equipped with questions on different professors as well as courses, hoping to hear as many views as possible to help me figure out exactly how to rank my choices. Given we only have three years here, and that next semester is our first time to choose a class for ourselves, I know we’re all worried about choosing a class we’ll love, and learn the most from. I am happy to say that I left confident in many of the choices I made, and happy to have crossed some potentials off the list. I hope the other 1Ls took away just as much, and from what I saw, it seems they did!

— Laura Wolf, Class of 2013


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