JD/LLM Networking Dinner

On November 12, 2010, WLA hosted a JD/LLM networking dinner giving JDs and LLMs an opportunity to connect and network. The dinner was especially meant to give JDs who are interested in working abroad over the summer an opportunity to talk to LLMs who come from the region where they want to go. With more than 80 guests the turn out was great.

Many LLMs who came to the dinner are happy to share information about their country. Following is a list with their contact details:

Name Email Country
Mischa Bauermeister mbauermeister@jd13 Germany
Joe Brothers jbrother@jd13 Canada
Alan Sun alannj2@gmail Taiwan
Joy Batra jbatra@jd13 India
Yoon Suk Choo ychoo@jd11 South Korea
Hanon Jhung hanon.jhung@gmail.com South Korea
Dan Juna djuna@llm11 Kenia
Anoris Rimsa arimsa@llm11 Latvia
Bernd Delahaye bdelahaye@llm11 Germany/UK
Laurenz Vuchetich lvuchetich@llm11 Croatia
Elina Saviharju esaviharju@llm11 Finland
Steven Peters Speeters@llm11 Belgium
Saram Panis Spanis@llm11 Belgium
Ema Vidak Gojkovic e.vidakgojkovic@gmail.com Croatia
Karen Jimeno karenjimeno88@yahoo.com Philippines
Tom Graha tgraham@llm11 Australia
Sarala Subramaniam saralasubramaniam@gmail.com Singapore
Flavio Monfrini fmonfrini@llm11 Italy
Erum Sattar esattar@sjd Pakistan
Tommaso Soave tsoave@llm11 Italy
Fernando Elizondo felizondo@llm11 Mexico
Lara Talsma Ltalsma@llm11 Netherlands
Bahoni Zhang bzhang@llm11 China
Xiaoyuan Li xli@llm11 China
Mei Han mhan@llm11 China
Qiang Li qli@llm11 China
Yingying Fei yfei@llm11 China
Zongjin Tong ztong@llm11 China
Ming Shen mshen@llm11 China
Keigo Sawayama k5sawa@gmail.com Japan
Townshine Wu twu@llm11 Taiwan
Liang-Ying Tan ltan@llm11 Singapore
Maia Jaliashvili mjaliashvili@llm11 Georgia
Rebekka Wiemann rwiemann@llm11 Germany

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