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Reverend Karen Tse is a social entrepreneur, human rights lawyer, and an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister. Karen first developed her interest in criminal law and human rights after observing Southeast Asian refugees detained in local prison without trial. After graduating from law school, Tse worked as a San Francisco public defender. Later on, Tse continued her passion for criminal justice and moved to Cambodia to train the country’s first group of public defenders. There, she served as a United Nations Judicial Mentor. Under the Auspices of the United Nations Center for Human Rights in Cambodia and the Cambodia Defenders Project, she trained judges and prosecutors and established the first arraignment court in Cambodia. In 2000, Tse founded International Bridges to Justice, a non-profit organization which aims to eradicate torture in the 21st century and protect due process rights for accused people throughout the world. Tse has also negotiated and implemented measures in judicial reform with the Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian governments. She has been inspirational because of her deep compassion, strong leadership, and ability to think outside the box in solving important international issues. Watch Karen speak here.

Tse earned her B.A. from Scripps College, Master’s degree from Harvard University School of Divinity, and J.D. from University of California – Los Angeles School of Law.

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